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Zumba is a fitness program, that combines exercises, latin music and dance moves, it is the most amazing and fun Workout ever.
Zumba is a aerobic and dance Workout, you don’t need any dancing skills to start your classes, in one zumba class you can burn 600 to 800 kcal, depends of your energy. It’s a high cardio workout. ZUMBA includes different different dance styles, like salsa, jazz, hip-hop and other Latin American Dance styles.
Zumba is an excellent Workout for your lower body,

It’s a 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity, you can do 4 days in a week. As this activity is really powerful so you should avoid it on daily basis.

Zumba is a dancing workout, it includes fast and slow music. This is great for your body Balance, and flexibility.

Tips: If you want to try zumba workout, you requested proper Footwear, like dancing shoes

• you have to take care of your hydration, you will going to sweat a lot during the session, so you have to drink plenty of water before the session or after that.

• you need to wear sports attires and comfortable clothes.

• you have to attend session from staring to end. Do not enter in mid session.

• you need to end with cool down.


This fitness program targets different different muscle of body, and pump your heart rate. Best for total body toning, it increases your stamina and strength. Great for weight lose, makes you happy. Also Improve your body posture,

Zumba is aerobic Dance workout, and very powerful exercise, also very easy to learn, and follow, after every class you feel more happy and light.

These people should avoid Zumba class:

• if you have major heart problems.
• if you had knee surgery, or joints pain.
• if you are senior in age group.

These are the benefits

  1. Helps in weight lose.
  2. Boost your heart health.
  3. It helps to tone your body.
  4. Lift your mood
  5. Helps in de-stressing.
  6. Give you confidence.
  7. Makes you feel happy and fresh.

7 work on your mental health.


8step studios are the best studio in jaipur for zumba classes. They provide best online training experience, and online zumba classes. They provide different different training. Or Workout programs. They have 3 branches in jaipur. They provide best zumba experience on floor as well as online sessions.

Start your zumba classes today, if you want to try something new, and want to make your workouts more fun and exciting.


Joining us not only brings advantage to your health but our offers and schemes takes care of your pockets too. Every member gets personalised well started plan when they join. Our friendly professional staff is trained to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need.


Our trainers are highly qualified, which adds to your benefits and helps accomplish your goals through trusted advice.

Now we are on online platform as well, so you can reach to us. Without and travel.

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