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Prakash Kumar

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Prakash Kumar

Prakash Kumar

Prakash kumar Fitness Trainer


5 years of  experience strength training and Muscle gaining.

4 Years In zumba

Fitness instructor for last 5 years.

Graduation in ART AND DANCE


Certified trainer in 8 step studios

Sports person , kids Favourite and Nature lover . 

Performed 10+ marathons including:[as an zumba Experts}

Jaipur Marathon, Pink City Marathon, Jaipur by Nite Marathon(CII)

Pinkathon , Jodhpur Marathon etc.

More than 100 events.

bootcamps , Marathon , Running events , Fitness parties, Cycleing Events , fitness Retreats Etc.

Stage sharing with: Sunil Shetty, Milind Soman, Ranvijay Singh, RP Singh, Sunny Singh , Sonali Seygall.

Fitness events in corporate sectors.

NBC, ICICI, AU finance, CK Birla, Infosys Jaipur, Genpact etc.

Fitness parties in colleges/ schools including :-

St.Xavier’s, Manipal University, ICG, Purnima, Amity University, etc

School: MGD, Ryan International, Nirja Modi, Maheshwari Group of schools, Subodh group of schools, TPS, St. Anselm’s etc.

Former Fitness Trainer Rio Gym and fitness studio.

Fitness & Yoga Trainer at 8 Step Studios.

• 8step studios civil lines

• 8step studios Bani park

• 8step studios Vaishali Nagar

8 step studios

A unique Fitness Studio which fulfils overall health needs.  We believe that, the purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit. We include Following trainings to give meaning the above statement.

online fitness classes

working with 120+ students through our online program,and giving them the best online Training. Teaching online workouts – including yoga, strength, cardio, HIIT, Plates and more. prakash sir will motivate and push you through each and every workout.Beginner to advanced 2 – 12 week workout plans to help you achieve your goals.he will give you the best fitness coaching. join his program. registration link

I really love my work,specially [zumba and FITNESS].its a great way to make people fit and healthy. when your passion become your profession,you will ready to give your 100% all the time . I feel so great to my work and my clients.and one more thing dance is the Key of my success.I did so many art of living program.i always recommend happiness program. BIG thanks to my AOL teacher, and yes my all time favourite 8 step studios.

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