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Mansi Pareek Fitness Expert

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Mansi Pareek Fitness Expert

Zumba and Yoga Instructor
Mansi Pareek Fitness Expert


An Indian yoga Instructor, and a Nutritionist.
One of the youngest Trainers. Completed all the course at the age of 19.

Born: 22 November 1997, ( rajasthan)


6 years of experience in Fitness & Dance events.

Yoga instructor from last 3 years

Master’s in science of Yoga and Bachelor in management,professional license, and certification for professional practice.

1 year certification in nutrition.

online fitness trainer,and work on amazing online workout series with 8 step studios .

Attended more than 50+ Spiritual course and workshop.

fitpreneur/ Health counsellor/ motivational speaker.

My Mantra:-

Being Happy & Healthy is more important,
Try to get in shape.

• stay happy and satisfied.

A Trained Dancer in INDIAN and classical dance forms.

Performed more than 30+ marathon
( Jaipur marathon, pink city marathon, Jaipur by nite CII)

More than 80 Fitness events.
( Techrush Jaipur, Bikaner)

Stage sharing with celebrities.
( Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, Hardy Sandhu, sunny)

Fitness party at college/ school
( Manipal University, aayujan college, ICG )

Fitness event’s with corporate sector.
( Bosch, NBC, ICICI, CK Birla, Infosys genpact, etc.

Managing 8step studios.
Fitness coach & nutrition counsellor at 8step studios
• Civil lines
• Bani park.

8 Step Studios

A unique Fitness Studio which fulfils overall health needs.  We believe that, the purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit. We include Following trainings to give meaning the above statement.

online fitness classes

working with 100+ students through our online program,and giving them the best online Training.

I really love my work,specially [yoga and nutrition].its a great way to make people fit and healthy. when your passion become your profession,you will ready to give your 100% all the time . I feel so great to my work and my clients.and one more thing yoga is the Key of my success.I did so many art of living program.i always recommend happiness program. BIG thanks to my AOL teacher, and yes my all time favourite 8 step studios.