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8 Step Studio

A unique Fitness Studio which fulfills overall health needs.  We believe that, the purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit. We include Following trainings to give meaning the above statement.

Reasons To Try 8 Step Studio


Functional & Circuit Training

Nutrition & Ayurveda Counselling


Bootcamp & Incenity, Chaos Training

Yoga & Meditation

Pilates Training

Our Team

Lokesh Dhabhai Fitness Trainer

Lokesh Dhabhai Fitness Trainer

Introduction 7 years of  experience strength training and Muscle gaining. 4 Years In Yoga. Fitness instructor for last 5 years. Graduation in Civil engineer  QCI level-1 YOGA TRAINER  Certified trainer in 8 step studios Sports person , tracking Expert and Nature lover .  Performed 10+ marathons including:[as an Fitness Experts} Jaipur Marathon, Pink City Marathon,...